Opening Day Happens For At Least Part of an Inning


Well, I just woke up from my afternoon nap, tasting the shots that got me here, so TBOH’s natural review is: Opening Day 2010 was pretty okay.

Phillies 7, Nationals 4

Oh, and hey, we won!  That’s cool.

Anyways, let’s try to piece this together based on pictures I took with my camera, because, just like I told the CBP security, “I’m a effing phuuuhhtawgrapher.”

And, just like they said, “No, sir, you are absolutely not.”

So, and I know it was really rattling your noodle not knowing, but Ryan Howard played first base.

And Cole pitched! How’d he do?!

“You want Carlos?” my friend asked.

“I have to take what I can get,” I replied, teetering back and forth.

“Your blog sucks,” he muttered.

Ryan Howard’s up!  Everyone care, even those chanting “Let’s Not Throw Up” and don’t know how to properly utilize their cameras.

And with a mighty SWING Ryan Howard takes a hack at strike two, while a gentleman’s cap takes up 1/4 of the photograph.

He’s still up, so its not one of those regular Ryan Howard at bats.

And then he got to first.  This is great.  TBOH; the blog that can photographically get you through an entire Ryan Howard at bat.

Jayson Werth hits after Ryan Howard.  Is what we can deduce here.  A gentleman’s cap lurks nearby.

Wow!  A full, photographic journey through Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park.  For like, a third of an inning.  This blog rules.  Tell your friends.