Pat Burrell Follows Diss of Tampa Fans with Request to Play More


Some people just find the relentless verbal abuse of Citizens Bank Park alluring.  I guess.  I’ve never been on the receiving end of it before.

One of these people seems to be Pat Burrell.

“I don’t if there is any way of saying this without getting myself in trouble,” he started, in one of the most dangerous prefixes to a public statement a person can give.  He went on to say how special of a place Philly is to play, how the tradition is “stronger,” how the fans so much more likely to say something racist, irrelevant, and/or horrifying all in the same breath…

After openly saying that Phillies fans are better than the Rays, which in any other circumstance wouldn’t be too much of a scandal, but he does play for the Rays, Pat went on to request a starting job in right field.

Now, “Pat Burrell’s defense” is a phrase not seen outside of a “what went wrong” segment on Phillies Post Game Live.  The problem is that at DH, he wasn’t really getting the “H” part down in 2009, and there was an awful lot of time between at bats that I’m sure he would have rather been in the outfield, wondering what to do if the ball actually came to him.

And, damn, Pat… I’m not going to tell you not to rip on the Rays, but your timing… you know, right before you’re about to ask for more playing time, was not the greatest.

But thanks.  Sometimes, when a routine fly ball is headed for Raul Ibanez and he somehow winds up face planting, or the rowdy bunch of middle-aged woman on a work outing start chattering about which Phillie has the cutest ass, we think of you too.


Now, in actual Phillies news, the big thing out of yesterday’s loss to the Rays was B.J. Rosenberg, who struck out two and didn’t allow a run in two innings.  This is supplemented by scoreless turns from J.A. Happ and Phillippe Aumont (who, I’m sure we all remember, was locker-punchingly rocked in his first Grapefruit League appearance).

And then Domonic Brown got all “Domonic Brown” and went 3-5 with 2 RBI.  Speaking of Shane Victorino (???), he may FINALLY start a game against Atlanta this week, which means I can finally get some damn sleep.

Currently, we’re up 1-0 on the Yanks today.

I should probably go back to work now.