Bastardo “Lights Out,” Brad Lidge Found Sobbing in Shower


And Brad Lidge’s car fire of a 2009 season spreads further still into the offseason.

Beerleaguer asked Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. to handicap the race between Antonio Bastardo and Sergio Escalona last night during the Winter Tour stop in Reading. “Bastardo was lights out yesterday in the Dominican,” Amaro said.


Well, That Balls Outta Here asked Ruben Amaro if he thought that using Brad Lidge’s nickname to describe Antonio Bastardo would cause clubhouse drama, and he said “I have never heard of you, stop calling my house or I’ll have you arrested.  Wait, aren’t you that guy who keeps sending Shane Victorino Photo-Shopped collages of the two of you spending the day in an amusement park?”

So, you know. We all got mad journalism skills.

No, I don’t think this will be like an actual… thing… in the Phillies locker room, and yes, “lights out” is a common phrase for a pitcher who’s capable of shutting down the offense, but you can pick different words than that.  I can’t be the only one to see that.

“Lights Out” appeared on the jumbotron even when Brad was allowing runs so plentifully he may as well have jogged from the bullpen to the scoreboard controls and saved some time.  If somebody like Brett Myers had said something about a new pitcher being “lights out” as a reliever, it definitely would have been characterized as a snarky little bitching.

But, I guess that’s why Ruben Amaro is the GM of a World Series championship baseball team and Brett Myers is making baseless threats in a Houston Astros uniform.


  • Text message received during Super Bowl:  “Who’s running the Saints’ offense, FEMA?  Ha ha, tragedy.”
  • This is the first year I saw more of the Puppy Bowl than the Super Bowl… and it was freaking hilarious.  At one point, they switched to a “hamster-eye view” from the blimp and there was a tiny blimp above the puppies with hamsters in it. Ha ha ha, what the hell?!
  • Look for my thoughts on Cliff Lee tomorrow on Hot Stove (link takes you to the last time I did this).  I will basically be repeating everything Hal Bodley thinks on the subject because he is a genius.