Joe Torre Doesn’t Win WS, But Remembers When He Did


This recent fluff piece opens with this white knuckle intro of a paragraph that just reeks of Pulitzer:

“Joe Torre knew he was probably supposed to be pulling for the Phillies in the World Series. But in the end, he wound up cheering just as hard as ever for Joe Girardi and the Yankees.”

Holy shit!  Well, that settles that.  I guess I can go find the Pop Tarts now.


2007    Boston Red Sox               Terry Francona

2008    Philadelphia Phillies   Charlie Manuel

2009    New York Yankees        Joe Girardi*

*But Joe Torre was cheering for them.

Why the hell would he be expected to root for the Phillies?  The Dodgers lost their chance at the World Series to the Phils for the second year in a row and now it’s a SHOCK that Joe Torre doesn’t want to show up in Citizens Bank Park in a Cliff Lee jersey?

I understand what a fluff piece is, but this is just unfiltered, 100% organic stupidity (and it has nothing to do with my hatred for the Yankees and everything to do with online media just filling the air with noise when it’s too quiet).

Then Torre goes on to drop this gem:

“When you’re as close to these guys as I’ve been for all these years, I was just really pleased for them.”

You know what, I take all that back.  I had forgotten completely about the the late ’90s, when the Yankees devoured World Series titles and then vomitted them back up on the rest of baseball (Okay, yeah, some hatred for the Yankees slipped through in that part).


To me, this paints Torre as the guy who people are trying to expel from a circle of friends, but heard there was a party anyway, and is outside, knocking on the window.

“…even though I’m supposed to be a National League fan and all that stuff,” Torre said.

Ha, ha, ha.  Wait, what the hell?

Bad news, no one.  Joe Torre will never be a “National League fan and all that stuff.”  When you’re at the head of a dynasty as full of trophies, All-Stars, and rings as those ’96 and ’97-2000 Yankees, and then go manage a team in the NL and don’t do that, you are still the embodiment of managerial success in the AL.

Do you think he’s got any memories with the Dodgers that come within 3000 miles of winning the World Series with the Yankees four god damn times?!

I’m glad Torre himself chose to remind us of those years when he wasn’t stuck with some pathetic team that only got to the “League Championship Series.”  What a nightmare.

Maybe the “off-season” is a good time to start concentrating on other sports.

In other news, here’s a terrific video commemorating the anniversary of Dock Ellis asking, “What happened to yesterday?!”