This was Game 3 of the World Series:

Today is Game 4.  Get out of your bed, your mattress on the floor, or your bathtub. Wash out the taste of Yuengling, candy corn, or those 27 pieces of gum you swore you could chew in one try.  Make yourself stop smelling like that girl, that guy, or your neighbor’s wheelbarrow.

Forget about any traumatizing encounters with teeth-bearing possum just outside your front door.

Because it’s Sunday, it’s another game, and the Vomitting Unicorn that was Game 3 is extinct.

You better be ready.

Joe Blanton’s ready.  He’s ready to grip that fastball like it’s his last sandwich and send it hurdling past a lineup full of confused Yankee hitters.

Ryan Howard’s ready for his bat to stop whispering foul balls and start SCREAMING IRATE HOME RUNS.

Temple University is ready:

Most importantly, City Police have reinforced their warning against marching to City Hall following the game.  I also want to reinforce these important points:

  • Temple Campus Police will also be out in force patrolling the campus.
  • Celebrations that disrupt our community, disturb our neighbors, or damage their property will not be tolerated.
  • The university will take disciplinary action against students who violate the Student Conduct Code. University disciplinary action would be in addition to any charges the city would file.

Temple students have celebrated responsibly in the run up to the World Series. I encourage you to continue to make the University proud, regardless of the final outcome.

Jayson Werth is ready.  So the upper deck better be ready, too.

J-Roll’s ready:  “There’s no quit. There’s no fear. There’s no panic button.”

Harry’s ready.  Whitey’s ready.  Vuk’s ready.

Just listen to Guerrilladelphia a few times in a row.  You’ll be ready too.

Fix your hair, clean up the kitchen, and stop drowning in the foggy memories of yester-night.  Because in a sport that takes one wrongly executed nanosecond to take everything away, you’ve got to be ready to inhale sharply and stay on the move. We knew we weren’t playing the Rays this year.

No excuses.  Just keep towelin’.