I Really Enjoyed That


I don’t know which was more jarring, the initial loss to the Mets or the headline on Phillies.com, “Bruntlett sending jersey to Hall of Fame.”

The triple play was awesome, Jeff Francoeur slamming his helmet down hilarious, but I still think that the most satisfying part was who the hero was.

Eric Bruntlett is a guy whose skills are…questionable.

This is the most high profile moment of his career and it happened in the same inning that he was a big part of two fielding errors. If I were a suspicious/crazy man, I might suggest that he got runners on base purposely, in order to execute the second game-ending triple play in baseball history.  I know Eric Bruntlett, and there’s no way he was thinking that far ahead.

The guy’s harmless.  To be honest, I feel guilty ripping on him.  And taking three out of four from the Mets is hardly a time to start complaining.  So let’s turn this around and just say that Chase Utley catching that baseball would have made more sense, but seeing our off-the-bench utility guy put an abrupt period on the derogatory sentence that was the Mets’ performance was even funnier.

We got a quick stopoff in Pittsburgh to try and stay on top of things before a three game chance to knock the Braves back even further.  The real interest to me, however, is the next time we play those Mets.

I guess by then, they’ll be out of it for certain, and that double header on the 13th is just going to be ugly.

The footage they showed on TV of a Phils fan dumping a beer on an already pissed-off Mets’ fan’s head is pretty indicative of what that little ordeal will be.  They don’t even play double headers right in a row anymore, so it’s, in theory, a Mets game, a three hour break to go to the bars, and then another Mets game.

Sort of makes the phrase “incident-free” almost nonexistent.

Time to let go of the Amazin’s for awhile.  Let’s just focus on a playoff run until the next time we have a chance to feed that ferocious beast of a rivalry.

Good night, New York!

Photo courtesy of www.ktla.com