Is Cliff Lee the New Harry Potter?


With the arrival of ace Cliff Lee, the expectations are running high for the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies. With people across Philly excited for the possibilities that Lee could bring to the Phillies this post-season.

It is looking like Lee’s first game will be against the San Francisco Giants on Saturday. The opposing pitcher? Reigning National League Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum.

That game is a match made in heaven. To have the two reigning Cy Young winners facing off against each other is awesome. My only regret is that this game is not in Philly!

To have a game of this caliber not be on ESPN, or national TV for that matter is saddening. The ESPN Network should do something about this, and quick!

To have a game of this caliber go basically unnoticed by the human citizens is unreal, and blows my mind.

Not only will the game feature two of the games best pitchers, but fans will also get a chance to see Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins lead the way on their amazing run of winning 19 out of 23 games!

The Giants have surprised people and suddenly know how to win, and have played good baseball all year. They are in a tight race for the Wildcard spot, and every game is important to them as a team looking to get back to the play-offs.

To see this game in person would be to witness a rare feat. See both Cy Young winners facing each other, in the same league, no less!

This matchup is like Voldemort vs Harry Potter, Batman vs the Joker, and of course, Superman vs Lex Luther.

To get the chance to see both Lee and Lincecum wield their magic wands, and make people miss, is an unbelievable site to see. These two will most likely battle each other for 7 innings or more, the same way that Harry and He Who Must Not Be Named go at it over seven years!

Also, like Potter fighting against Voldemort after his mother and father died, Lee will most likely be a replacement for the guy that was supposed to match up against Lincecum, Jamie Moyer.

Of course these two pitchers are not enemies, and are far from it, but you have to consider that these two will become arch nemesis’ seeing as how this is Lee’s first game as a National League pitcher, you would think that Lincecum would become known as Lee’s arch nemesis, just like the Phillies and the Mets, Phillies and the Braves, and Phillies and Marlins.

Just about everybody in both Philly, and Cleveland will be rooting for the Phillies, and of course, this will probably be the game of the night, and ESPN will be shooting themselves for missing out on a golden opportunity to shove their network down peoples throat.

If both pitchers perform well, the two will only grab headlines even more. This is a true pitchers showdown, I could not imagine a better one, other than maybe Cole Hamels vs Lincecum.

So good luck to both Lee, and Lincecum as they prepare for battle in what should be a game for the ages, or season, whichever!