Helllllo Cliff “Plan B” Lee


With a Roy Halladay trade now seemingly impossible with the sudden new found power of the Blue Jays front office, the Phillies are now turning their attention to trying to get a trade done for Cliff Lee.

This could be a ploy to try to get the Jays to lower their asking price since now no one is really drooling at the idea of giving up 3-4 of their top prospects.

Also, this could be a big move that gives the Phils even more fire power, and would still enable them to keep Kyle Drabek, J.A. Happ, and Dominic Brown.

While the Phillies have came out and said today that there is no ill will between the two, one can wonder if this is true, and if the Phils fail to get a deal done, if that is the reason.

The Phillies could simply be exploring their options, or they could be serious contenders for Lee if they feel that there is no way that they can work out a reasonable deal on their end for Halladay.

The Phils are believed to be sincerely interested in Lee, and would reportedly only have to give up Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, and one other prospect to get Lee.

Lee is not having as good of a year as he had last year, but the talent is still there.