Around the Division: Atlanta Braves


In the latest addition of Around the Divison, we take a look into the world of the Atlanta Braves, and what the possibilities are that they make a move before the trade deadline, and if the Braves can really take down the Phils for the NL East crown. Here’s the interview with Dan Telvnick from Tomahawk Take.

TBOH: The Braves are right there in the NL East battle. Do you think that they can get to the top and challenge the Phils for the play-off spot, or even capture the Wild-Card crown?

Tomahawk Take: I think they have the best chance securing the wild card. I do not see the Braves catching the Phillies, who just seem to have a dominating offense despite the questionable pitching. The Braves have been up and down all season, but for the most part all of the key players are healthy–even Chipper Jones. Tim Hudson is coming back soon, and if he can provide any spark, then the Braves have one of the best rotations in baseball. 

TBOH: Are the Braves looking to add anybody before the trade deadline?

TT: I don’t see the Braves trying to add anymore players. I think they’ve been very happy with Martin Prado and there are not any real huge holes to fill. Although it would be nice to have a true power hitter, the Braves can still win this thing with great defense and pitching. The offense can get real hot sometimes and look unbeatable. 

TBOH : What can the Braves do better to gain some steam heading into August?

TT: Scoring runs. Jair Jurrjens is one of the best pitchers in the National League and the only reason he missed the All Star game was because of his record. The Braves just don’t score runs for him. With that said, there have been some real sloppy games. And then out of nowhere they’ll play a gem of a game. It would be nice to see some consistency. But what I have said all year is that the Braves really need to put on an 8 game winning streak or more to really boost them into the post season. 

TBOH: Do the Braves have any weaknesses that they need to address now or in the off-season, are they looking to shed some salary cap, or more importantly, are the Braves going to have a massive overhaul, and start a youth movement anytime soon?

TT: I am sure the Braves will look for a true powerhitter. If they keep the pitching staff, they are fine. These are young guys and they have a good bullpen backing them up. The Braves acquired a young outfielder from the Pirates who has some power and speed. I guess they could seek a right or left fielder to secure a true big-time power hitter. But I certainly don’t see an overhaul. They have some young kids–Yunel, Prado, Jair, Hanson—who could bring this team back to glory. 

TBOH: What is your take on the Phillies so far in the second half of the season?

TT: The Phillies offense is downright scary. They will be very tough to beat, but the Braves have had their number all season. The Phils have a real hard time beating these Braves and it could be real interesting in September. But, my take on the Phils is they have a very good chance at repeating, especially if they get Roy Halladay. 

I want to give a big shout-out to Dan over at Tomahawk Take for taking the time out of his day to do this interview. Check out his site, because they have some pretty good things going on over there.

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