Dear Ruben Amaro,


The trade deadline is approaching, and the Phillies are still rumored to be the favorites to acquire Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay.

The problem is, who would we trade? Of course the Jays would demand Kyle Drabek and Jason Donald, but who else might be on their radar? Could it be Michael Taylor, or John Mayberry? The Phils would most likely have to give up some major league ready talent along with the can’t miss prospects. So who would the Phillies trade away along with Drabek and Donald? Here is my trade proposal and suggestion to general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.

The Blue Jays are looking to shed cap space first and foremost, and they will do anything to do this. Just take the Halladay trade rumors as proof. What team in their right mind would trade away arguably the best pitcher in the game today without having an alterior motive to go along with it.

So if the Jays are successful in trading Halladay, then the next order of business will to be to try to shed the contracts of expensive outfielders Vernon Wells, and Alex Rios.

So if the Blue Jays would trade Wells or Rios, they would want another major league ready outfielder to be ready to step in right away. Instead of giving up promising outfielders John Mayberry or Michael Taylor, why not try to trade All-Star center fielder Shane Victorino?

I do not want to see it happen any more than you do, but that is just what smart teams do. They trade away good players at the peak of their career when they feel they can get the absolute most value for that player. Victorino is coming off of his first All-Star appearance, and is hitting the stitches off of the ball. Vic is batting .306, and has batted in 42 runners so far this year.

The Phillies really do not want to break the bank for just Halladay, and would like to acquire a reliever as well before the deadline. So why not include a third party into the trade talks such as the San Diego Padres. They are looking to shop reliable reliever Cla Meredith and it is looking like he would probably come cheap.

Here is what would be the most likely players to be involved in the trade.

The Phillies would trade away Drabek, Donald, Victorino, and probably Carlos Carrasco to Toronto, and a utility player to the Padres such as Greg Dobbs, or Eric Bruntlett along with a prospect or two, nothing big like Lou Marson.

The Phils could pull the trigger on a trade like this and immedietely solidify their starting rotation and their bullpen all in one trade. Sure it would cost them their best prospects and a darn good team player in Victorino, but it would probably be worth it in the long run.

The Phils could always move Werth to center, and plug in Mayberry in right field.

Here’s the downside to trading Victorino. Remember last year in the playoffs when Victorino nailed that grand-slam off of C.C. Sabathia to ignite the Phillies into the NL Championship series, and then he came up clutch the rest of the way in the playoffs against the Dodgers, and using his speed in the World Series.

Sure Victorino would leave Philly as a hero, and a fan favorite, but if the Phillies are looking to build a dynasty right now, then Victorino needs to go. Both Halladay and Meredith would surely be with the team for at least two years, and the Phillies will most likely be looking to extend the contracts for both.

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