The Savior Has Risen!


Pedro Martinez has passes his physical after having fans everywhere walking on eggshells for the past day waiting for the news.

Just hours after Martinez passed the physical, the Phillies and Martinez agreed to a 1 year deal worth at least $1 million, but could be worth up to $2.5 million with incentives.

The Phils brass are likely to announce the signing tomorrow.

I say that we suit up Pedro as soon as possible. The sooner Pedro makes some comeback starts in the minors, and gets to the majors, the better. If Pedro is shaky in his few starts back, the Phillies you think would be inclined to try to go out and get some of the pitchers that are available in a trade, most likely Roy Halladay.

I want Halladay bad, so I’m biased, but you would think that Halladay would surely send the Phils over the hump and get them back into the playoffs, and back to the World Series.

Speaking of the World Series, the MLB has dubbed the motto for this years All-Star game “This one counts”. Well, you darn right this one counts. You have Charlie Manuel, and four Phillies on the roster, and you can bet your life savings that they will be playing harder than the rest of the players to try and get that home field advantage if they were to get back to the Series for the second straight year. (Although it might be better if the Phillies just played every playoff game on the road the way they have played so far.)

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