Popular Rumors


Sorry for the recent lack of posts, I was out on vacation for the past week.

The Phillies have been in the midst of a couple of rumors in the past couple of weeks, and they are ones that would impact the club in a big way.

The biggest rumor by far is the Phillies interest in San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy. With the recent injury to Brett Myers, the Phils are in big need of a solid pitcher. If they wish to get back to the World Series, I do not know if relying on rookies the whole season would be the best idea. They have Antonio Bastardo pitching on Tuesday against Peavy, and that could be his audition for either team. Bastardo has emerged as our best pitching prospect this year with a 50-9 strikeout to walk ratio.

The Phillies would be the perfect fit for Peavy it seems. Peavy wants to stay in the National League, and the Phillies fit the bill. He also wants to play on a contending team, and what do you know, the Phillies are looking like strong contenders to repeat as the World Champs again. The only problem is that Peavy has a full no-trade clause, and Peavy also would like to stay on the West Coast, which is very far away from Philly.

If the Phils would offer a trade for Peavy, and he were to reject it, that would show you how bad he really wants that ring. The Phils have a strong nucleus around them, and with the addition of Peavy, might be able to put themselves among the the elite teams in all of baseball history, and maybe even put them in dynasty status.

Bastardo could be possible trade bait for Peavy, instead of Carlos Carrasco, but I doubt that if the Phillies are willing to give Bastardo the start against Peavy, that they would be willing to send him away immediately.

With the addition of Peavy, the Phillies pitching staff would be considered one of the best, and a Peavy and Cole Hamels dynamic duo would be a nightmare for opposing teams. The next rumor is one inside of the Phillies organization. With Brad Lidge’s recent struggles, and J.C. Romero’s comeback in sight, there has been word that Lidge might go on the Disabled List after Romero comes back. That would pit set up man Ryan Madson in the closer role, and Romero in Madson’s place.

Our pitching staff is inconsistent as it is, we do not need Myers’ injury dragging us down. We are barely in first place in the NL East, and an injury to Myers might be fatal if we cannot trade for anybody, and nobody within the organization steps up. This injury could prove to be a big problem.