Yanks Fan Talking Smack That His Team Cannot Back Up


Coming into this Memorial Day Weekend series with the New York Yankees, which has been highly anticipated, there have been some trach talk going on between some Yanks and Phils fans.

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I can’t believe this guy said this, let alone post it on a Philadelphia fan site!

For starters, I wouldn’t say that the Yanks are fielding a better defensive team than us because they are not. The Phils only have 11 errors all year to lead the majors. Secondly, the Yanks have committed 20! That my friends is a difference of 9 errors between the two teams.

Also, we have the best left handed hitters in the league! How can he say that the Yanks will outscore us if we have Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez, and Matt Stairs all in current hot streaks. Ibanez is arguably the hottest player in all of the majors. Also, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane Victorino are switch hitters, with power,  so they will be batting on the left side as well.

Something else that struck a nerve was the fact that this guy said that the Phils have had an easy schedule. Excuse me, but we are the defending champs, and there are NO easy games out of the whole season. Everybody is gunning for you. Also, we face one of the toughest divisions in the majors. We have the Mets to contend with, we have the rejuvenated Braves to play, and of course, we have the always surprising Marlins to fend off as well. The fact that we are in first after playing all of those guys, and having faced the Dodgers and Cardinals and Brewers. Those clubs all are tough squads to face. To add to the tough teams that we have to face, we have to play the Chicago Cubs, and the Arizona Diamondbacks! Those are solid teams who have the ability to win on any given night.

Now, I am not saying that we have the toughest schedule in the league, but we definately do not have it good. Also, saying that Ibanez will have a tough time playing left field is only speculation. Just because Johny Damon has had some trouble playing his own left field, that does not mean that Ibanez will have a lot of trouble.

The last thing that I would like to address is the mocking of Cole Hamels. When saying that Hamels our “ace” will have trouble pitching in the Yanks new diggs, because of the incredible home run rates, does not make sense at all. Hamels is the best pitcher in this series. He won both the NL Championship MVP, oh, and dare I forget, the Wolrd Friggin Series MVP. (By the way, we did something last year that the Yanks failed to do, which was make the play-offs, and beat the Tampa Bay Rays!)

Also, this guy says that we should have spent our money this off-season more wisely, instead of “wasting” it on Ibanez! Ibanez is proving to be the best sign of this past off-season, so sorry if we did not players that are so far, not producing the way that they should this season.

We will just see who comes out on top this weekend, but as I write this post while watching the game, I just saw Jimmy Rollins hit a lead-off home run, and Ibanez make one of those plays in left field that Johnny Damon only wishes he could make. Wait, didn’t that guy say that Ibanez would do terrible out in left-field?

Here is the link: http://www.the700level.com/2009/05/yanks-on-deck-its-time-to-start-playing-the-big-boys-now.html