Mitch Williams says, bet on the Tigers. Smile for the camera, Jimmy! Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Mitch Williams on the World Series and 1993 Game 6

As I mentioned in a post earlier today, October 23rd is not exactly a red-letter day in the life of Mitch Williams or the Philadelphia Phillies.

I won’t recount it. Once already today was enough.

But MLB Network Insider Mitch Williams, who will be part of the MLB Network’s MLB Tonight coverage, is able to put all that behind him and look ahead to the World Series, which gets underway on Wednesday night.

That’s called a “closer mentality,” folks.

Williams spoke with me on Tuesday about the match-up between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers, and also answered my idiotic question about the anniversary of Game 6.

Yes, I’m one ofthose guys.

Because Mitch is a class act, he didn’t verbally slap me down or call me a nincompoop or some other mean word that former baseball players call tools who ask them nonsense questions about a game played 19 years ago.

Williams believes this World Series match-up favors Detroit, and opines that the Tigers probably got the match-up they preferred.

He notes Detroit’s talented arsenal of starters, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Doug Fister, all possess very good change-ups, which will come in handy against San Francisco’s lefty hitters.

However, Mitchey-poo does talk about some potential stumbling blocks for Detroit, chief among them, the nearly six-day layoff and the Giants’ crazy momentum.

Not mentioned was Hunter Pence’s sudden ability to hit a ball three times in one swing, completely confounding every defender in front of him. That’s a new skill that should be utilized more often.

In the end, Mitch says Tigers in 6. I say Giants in 6.

Mitch has forgotten more baseball than I’ve ever learned. Make your wagers accordingly.

Click below to listen to the full interview.

Mitch Williams intvu 1023

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