Lohse Out Halladays Halladay

There are times when words strewn manically across a page/website are not enough to describe an emotion.  Let’s take a look at the word hate.  Hate is used pretty regularly.  People say that they hate all manner of things; hot dogs, eggs, some even use the word about baseball managers that they have never actually met.  I have used this word on this website multiple times to describe the way I fell about the third winningest baseball manager in the history of American baseball.  Sure he manages a bunch of Latin born players and supports the immigration laws in Arizona, but can his politics, which really have nothing to do with baseball, drive a person to hate the man?  This is more of rhetorical question devised to attempt and deflect the pain of this noted dickbag’s team taking three of four games from the best team in baseball.  Sure the Phillies clinched the division and home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but I was looking for a little more.  Perhaps making Tony LaRussa look stupid is too much to ask.

Kyle Lohse outpitched Roy Halladay, Tony LaRussa made a bunch of pitching changes and the Phillies almost came back on the Cardinals bullpen.

For the record, I still hate Tony LaRussa.  It may be difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain, but I will continue to hate him completely and irrationally.

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