Charlie Manuel and Shane Victorino Disagree to Disagree

Charlie Manuel thinks one way about Shane Victorino’s hitting.  Shane Victorino thinks another way about Shane Victorino’s hitting.  Is he furious?  Of course he’s furious.  We’re all furious, all of the time, according to news.  That settles that.

**Sound of me cleaning my hands off symbolically**“…little more than a warning shot…” says Paul White in USA Today.

Victorino respectfully disagrees,” explains Paul Hagen in the Daily News, shortly before abandoning pronouns for a decent chunk of the article.

What’s basically happening here is that Charlie started throwing that word he loves around again, “complacency,” and as usual, somebody got hurt.  Remarkably, that somebody was the guy on the receiving end of the term, Shane Victorino.

Charlie’s musing was based on the theory that maybe Shane tried to crank the ball too often and, like Willie Mays-Hayes in Major League II, caused more outs than runs in doing so.  Charlie is a hitter’s manager, so one could argue that he knows what the hell he’s talking about.  You could also say that maybe he is just trying irritate people into hitting better, but “reverse psychology” is such a familiar term at this point that I can’t believe it would work on anybody over five years old.  Unless, of course, the reverse psychology in question is taking place in newspapers everyone reads.  Not too many five-year-olds have parents leaking their child’s inadequacies to the press.

Shane, on the other hand, said that complacency never happens to the Phillies, and that Charlie’s idea of what that word means might not be the same as everyone else’s, and that he’s going to experiment with hand positions, and please get out of his way because he’s got to get to a ceremony honoring him for making the world a more humane place.

So, there you have it.  A disagreement with no real resolution.  But maybe the passive aggressive barbs from his coach will stimulate Shane into a fury of offensive potency.  At the very least, no one challenged anybody to a fight, yet.

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