Two Stories I've Already Reported On Once

In an attempt to discredit this world famous blog, Japan’s Daily Sports Online tricked me into saying that minor league deals had been struck between the Phillies and Shigetoshi Yamakita and Naoyo Okamoto, which, of course, they have not. Which means that if the most that’s going on here really is just some passing interest, the lefty-depth I was speaking of has disappeared like a city’s hopes and dreams under two feet of ice cold precipitation.

But in other, more important news, we shall discuss a seven foot man.

Over $20,000 worth of nostalgia is fueling the efforts getting a seven foot bronze Harry Kalas statue constructed outside of Citizens Bank Park.  The artist behind it, Lawrence Nolan, is moving the process right along since I last put up info on the classy, dignified project back in November, coupled with a story full of jokes about Jamie Moyer’s groin.

Since then, Nolan has finished the 20-inch model on which the statue will be based, and had it scanned in order to construct the same thing, but bigger.

Being the first statue outside of CBP that will be put there by the fans and not the team itself, it isn’t even really official that Harry the K will be accepted as part of the property.  The Phillies organization is merely waiting to see what it looks like before a final decision is cast.  It is supposed to be of Harry in his traditional jacket and shoes, standing over home plate with a Richie Asbhurn edition Louisville Slugger.  Honestly, he could be standing over a plaque that reads “PHILLIES SUCK LOL” and you’d still have a hard time saying no to it.

But, we’ll see.  In the mean time, Mike Schmidt, you keep signing autographs to raise money for the project and I’ll stay here and write it about it sometimes.  We’re all doing our parts.

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