Accused Cheater Eric Gagne Gets Phillies Tryout...?

What the hell’s going on?

So apparently now Eric Gagne is throwing for a possible chance at the Phils bullpen in Arizona?  Oh, great.  I mean, I’m all for bullpen depth, but my original allegiances lie with baseball in general, which gives me immediate disgust with anybody whose name was on the Mitchell Report.

Gagne was 1/86 of that list, and now he’s mouthing off to a French Canadian radio station that he’s “… very excited to have this chance.  There are many players I know well on that team, including Jayson Werth.”

Yeah, great.  I realize our bullpen is bleeding to death and all but this stuff pisses me off. Even if it is just the minors, even if our GM is in love with pulling names you wouldn’t expect out of nowhere and giving them a shot, I don’t like steroids (Gagne accused of human growth hormone use, but still.  Illegal and cheating.) in baseball.  Who does?  Would you forgive a waiter for bringing you a steak with a dead mouse on it?  Some people would be willing to eat around the mouse, but I can’t.

Then again, there’s nothing I can do to stop it.  But I refuse to eat that mouse.  It is not part of my steak.

“I’m not denying it.  I’m not saying I did it.  I just can’t talk about it.”

Awesome, Eric.  Awesome.  And I bet Werth loves being mentioned in all this.

Ruben Amaro’s response, when pressed for a comment, was nothing.  So that obviously means, he’s not cooking anything up, right Roy?

Oh.  Right.

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