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A Sherrill Thing

Everybody’s suffering with the weight of the economy on their shoulders.  This year will probably mark a sharp spike in the number of “Imaginary Christmases” in family homes across the country.

One of those homes belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team whose Winter Meetings playbook is based around “Point at George Sherrill.”

I’m sure the Dodgers would love to hold onto George Sherrill. I mean, sure, after the NLCS they probably wanted to sneak into his room and flog him with a sock full of batteries.  But he’s a 2008 All-Star who, until this past season’s trade deadline, was pitching on the losing end of the perpetual AL East warzone.

But I don’t want to wake you up in the morning, screaming, waving my arms, and hurling pitcher’s names at you without mercy.  These past few days  it’s just been a bombardment of speculation regarding the Phillies bullpen while you conduct your morning routine.

“Ah, good morning worl”–J.J. PUTZ!

“Is the coffee re”–BRANDON LYON!!!!

“I am so late for wor”–JOHN SMOLTZ!!!!#!@@*!!)@!

“I wonder what’s new with the Phil”–!!!!GEORGE SHERRILL AAAHAHAHAAaaaaaa…!

So while the Sherrill story can be filed away for now as “just talk,” it is worth mentioning that the Dodgers are trying extra hard to push him out of their tree.  This is because, and I hope you’re sitting down:  The Dodgers don’t have any money.

Clearly an issue for any major league baseball team, except the Yankees, the Dodgers want to cut corners, and that corner’s name is George Sherrill.  They’ve got a few pitching prospects over there who are getting some GMs to strain their necks out west and have a peak, but apparently, every time somebody shows up with interest in one of these younger relievers, the Dodgers simply grab them by the shoulders and point them in Sherrill’s direction.

His contract goes through 2011, his numbers are ravishing (3.02 ERA, 119 K’s in 122.1 IP), and our bullpen is what exactly, right now?  Ryan Madson, three guys who’ve been under the knife, and an old tire?

Of course he’d be good for the bullpen… so would any of those guys I was screaming about earlier.

The Dodgers want a starting pitcher, though.  I forgot about that.  Uh, I don’t know.  Kendrick?  Yeah, that sounds fair.  George Sherrill for Kyle Kendrick.  I’d do that.  If I were the Dodgers.  No doubt.

Being a GM must be so easy!

Pedro hijacks another press conference with disturbingly open commentary and bizarre hand signals.

Pedro hijacks another press conference with disturbingly open commentary and bizarre hand signals.

Speaking of… poorly conceived transitions, here’s a twist:  Pedro Martinez wants to stay a Phillie.

Ruben Amaro must be a fantastic break-up artist.  He’s probably that guy with all of his ex-girlfriends in his phone, because he managed to split apart from them in such a perfect way that they still consider him a genuine friend.

So, when Ruben told Pedro, “Maybe, maybe not” at the end of 2009, he did it in a way that didn’t send Pedro sobbing into the comforting arms of another team.  There were simply bigger issues at hand to deal with before “What About Pedro?”

“More specifically, our need at third base and in our bullpen,” Amaro said. “Those two areas are our priorities.”

Well, third base seems to be taken care of.  These Winter Meetings will probably have a few new names in the Phillies bullpen, with Amaro being the fast-working short order cook of the GM world that he is.  And then, eventually, he will owe Pedro a call.

Personally, I don’t see how Pedro fits in well with the Phillies plans for the rotation on 2010.

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