Phillies Blogger Continues to Complain, Despite Division Crown

The guys renovating the place next door to me are currently discussing the Phils playoff chances.

While they agree that the Cardinals “look hardcore,” they have also come to the conclusion that the Los Angeles Dodgers “are bullshit,” and Manny Ramirez is “king of the bullshit, too, that clown.”

And I dont know about that Thome, character either. He seems pretty...uh, wholesome.

"And I don't know about that Thome, character either. He seems pretty...uh, wholesome."

This city is alive with optimism.

While a wave of relief swept over Philadelphia last night, forcing 80% of Phillies blog commenters to repress the memories of everything they’ve said in the past three weeks, the Phillies brought home their thrid straight NL East Division title, thanks to 10 runs, Brad Lidge, and an embarrassing game-ending screw-up on the part of the Braves.

Speaking of embarrassing game-ending screw-ups, I have to say this.

Bringing in Brad Lidge was a bunch of crap.

Oh, the “symbolism!”

“Symbolism” is when they ran out to Harry’s logo in left field, showered it with beer, and commemorated the life of a man who defines the Phillies with the mere sound of his voice.  Harry was an icon, an unforgettable figure in baseball, and as much a part of the Philadelphia Phillies as the Phanatic and rudeness.

Brad Lidge, however, would have been the biggest reason why we wouldn’t have won.

What was this move symbolizing?  That he can save a game when he’s already got  two outs and a seven run lead?

YES, last year he got us to the World Series, going perfect the entire year, one of the best, if not the best, seasons for a closer in the history of baseball.  We owe him for that.

Or, we OWED him for that.  The guy got so many chances to re-work himself this year, in my mind, he’d used them all up.

So that little maneuver, to me, was just Charlie trying to be cute, and I didn’t really see why.  I wasn’t angry, but I certainly didn’t see the point.

I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty ignorant and obnoxious to be talking about this when we wrapped up the division.  So, sorry.  But damn it.

Bring on the King of the Bullshit!

Whoops.  They just got yelled at by their boss for not working.  Now they’re talking about how ugly his wife is.

This is a magical town.

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  • brit

    I totally agree. There was no reason for lidge’s appearance. No one cares, he sucks and charlie is a retard for putting him in. As far as I’m concerned he should have never touched the ball again after not doing his job time after time. He can’t close and he doesn’t deserve to play. Symbolism is shit and no excuse.

  • Phreak

    Yeah. Why put Lidge in? It was only a game not even he could blow and it might help with his confidence. Increasing his confidence could only help the Phils, of course.

    As for the ‘unnecessary’ symbolism the players seemed to appreciate it and so did the fans there, judging by the crowd noise I heard.

  • Justin Klugh

    If the regular season is over, and Lidge still doesn’t have any confidence, putting him in when “not even he could blow” it is probably not going to do wonders.

    And I have been in that stadium after they’ve kept Lidge out for a few days, and when he goes back in, there’s always a round of applause. Its like hitting a reset button. People always thought, “Maybe this time will be the time he turns it around.”

    Except it never was. He never turned it around. What people appreciated was the division clinch, not Lidge coming into the game.

    I can’t even count how many times the Phillies tried to help his confidence and he blew it.

    So to me, this gesture said “Remember this guy? Remember how he was unstoppable? Now we’re only confident enough to put him with a comfortable lead and a couple of outs. Division champs. How about some clapping?”

    And to me, that’s pointless. People would have been happy for the crown alone.