Myers dominated the Yankees all night long.

Phils Win Interleague Opener At Yankee Stadium

It started with a Jimmy Rollins home run on the very first pitch. Then the home runs just kept on coming. In a game that featured 7 home runs, the game surely was lopsided.

The Phillies dominated from the start. In the first, Rollins got the Phils started with a first pitch home run. Later in the bottom of the inning, Alex Rodriguez hit a ball into left field. Johnny Damon was on first, and was turning 3rd base when the relay throw from Raul Ibanez went to Rollins. Rollins then proceeded to rifle the ball home in time to get Damon by a good foot. Later in the 3rd inning, catcher Carlos Ruiz hit a home run that just missed right fielder Johnny Damon’s glove. That drove in two runs to make the score 3-0 Phils after 3 innings of work. The runs just kept on coming too. 

The score then stayed the same until the top of the 5th. Jayson Werth hit a bomb into the left field seats that drove in two more runs.

The Yankees then retaliated in the bottom of the 6th with an Alex Rodriguez solo home run.

Then, to start the 7th, the Yanks sent out Chien Ming Wang from the bull pen to pitch in relief after the Yanks spent their whole bull pen in 8.2 innings of work yesterday after Joba Chamberlain got hurt early and had to be taken out of the game.

It was not pretty for Wang early. Only one batters into his first stint with the team since he was placed onto the Disabled List, he gave up a solo home run to Raul Ibanez. The home run put Ibanez atop of the league leaders in home runs. It was his 16th home run of the year.

The scoring stopped after that until the top of the 8th when Chase Utley drove in a run with a single to right field. Then, in the bottom of the inning, Derek Jeter led off with a home run, and only one batter later, Mark Texeira hit a bomb himself. That made the score a little bit closer, but not too close.

The scoring then ended there. Wang pitched the rest of the game for the Yanks, and Brett Myers, after pitching 8 strong innings, was taken out in favor of reliever Ryan Madson. Madson shut down the Yankees in the 9th to end the Yanks 9 game win streak. 

Myers only gave up 3 earned runs, and a total of 8 hits over 8 innings. The win makes Myers 4-2. Myers dominated the Yankee hitters with his filthy curve ball, and blazing fast ball. It seemed that everything was working for him tonight. He was in total control. In fact, he pitched barely over 100 pitches. His total pitch count was 107 pitches, and out of those, 77 were strikes. That means that only 30 were balls. This was by far Myers best outing of the year. he showed that he can handle the national stage this year by silencing the powerful Yankees bats.



Also, early in the 1st inning, there was some bad blood going around. After Rollins’ home run, Burnett did not like his trot, and proceeded to hit Utley with a pitch. That was the 9th time that Utley was hit by a pitch this year. Then, in the bottom if the inning, Myers threw a ball behind Jeter, which drew a warning from the umpire. That was the end of the “feud”.

In a follow up of the article that I posted earlier about the Yankees and Phillies, this game proves that the guy that made that post was completely false in every way. The Phillies Phans took over the new Yankee Stadium, and Ibanez played a better left field than Damon did. The Phillies had no errors at all in the game, while Nick Swisher booted a ball that might have had a chance to nab Pedro Feliz at the plate in the 8th. The Phillies also hit better than the Yanks, and the Phils key off-season signee, Ibanez, played better than Texeira and Burnett. Neither dominated the game, or really had an impact at all in the game, while Ibanez showed that he was worth the money that we gave him.

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