11 Free-agent deals the Philadelphia Phillies wish fell through

Jonathan Papelbon #58 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Jonathan Papelbon #58 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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Kevin Millwood #34 of the Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images) /

Kevin Millwood

Just as David Bell had his cycle, Kevin Millwood carved out his place in Phillies history with the no-hitter that he threw in just his sixth start with the team in 2003. The other 59 starts that he made during his two years with the team, however, were just agony. The fact that the Atlanta Braves let Millwood walk should have been the first red flag. He was only turning 28 and had several excellent seasons under his belt, but an organization known for their astute evaluation of pitching had deemed him unworthy of the new paycheck he was seeking. The Phillies, however, jumped at the chance.

Millwood’s 4.34 ERA during his Phillies career was not ace material, and things were worsened by the fact that he appeared to be the most out-of-shape athlete the city had seen in recent years. He was a big dude who wasn’t built for speed, but his huffing and puffing after gingerly jogging out a ground ball seemed odd for someone who hadn’t even hit the age of 30.

The Phillies finished five games and six games, respectively, out of a playoff spot during Millwood’s two years with the team — which can’t be laid entirely at his feet — but is pretty typical of a good team that just didn’t get what it needed from its supposed best pitcher. Maybe he was some sort of robot that the Braves had sent to sabotage the Phillies.