Phillies: Top 3 reasons to get excited about Archie Bradley

Archie Bradley, formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Archie Bradley, formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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Former Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Archie Bradley (Eric Hartline/USA TODAY Sports)

2. Archie Bradley has closing experience

As we all know, the Phillies bullpen has needed help and possibly had arguably one of the worst bullpens in the 2020 season. There have been guys in the closer roles who should maybe have been in the set-up man roles, like Hector Neris, or even just used in earlier innings. Taking pressure off of them to perform in a closing role could make a big difference.

Adding Archie Bradley into the bullpen definitely has the potential of positively affecting the rest of the bullpen in that they could be taken out of closing considerations, at least most of the time.

Having a legitimate closer in a bullpen can literally be a game-changer. Certain pitchers are just made for that role and with Archie’s talent, he’s certainly become one of them.

Bradley began his career as a starter but has since moved into the bullpen, most recently in the role of closer. In 2017, Archie became a reliever in the Diamondbacks bullpen, huge beard and all. He pitched in 63 games that season, had a record of 3-3 and an ERA 1.73, recording 1 save. He even became the first relief pitcher to hit a triple in Major League Baseball postseason history.

Becoming the set-up man in 2018, that season he went 4-5 over 76 games, had an ERA of 3.64 and recorded 3 saves.

Beginning the 2019 season, Bradley continued in the set-up man role before becoming the closer by the middle of the season. He went 4-5 over 66 games, had an ERA of 3.52 and recorded 18 saves. In August 2020, Archie was traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Before joining the Reds, Bradley was 1-0 with a 4.22 ERA over 10 games, with 6 saves. After joining the Reds, he went 1-0 with a 1.17 ERA over 6 games, with no recorded saves.

He is undoubtedly a huge upgrade to the bullpen.