Phillies: 3 GM candidates that could replace Matt Klentak

Matt Klentak, Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Matt Klentak, Philadelphia Phillies (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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2. Matt Arnold

Matt Arnold is from California, where he graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2001. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics.

At the beginning of Arnold’s baseball career, he was in positions with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Texas Rangers, and Cincinnati Reds, before joining Tampa Bay and now being with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Spending nine seasons with Tampa Bay, his responsibilities included player evaluations, player acquisitions, and contract negotiations, among others. In 2009, Arnold was promoted to director of professional scouting and then in 2015, he was promoted to director of player personnel.

While Matt was with Tampa Bay, the team appeared in the World Series for the first time in franchise history in 2008 and made it to the postseason four times.

Being with the Brewers since 2015, Arnold is in his fifth season with the organization. He came on as assistant general manager and vice president and is now still assistant general manager but the word senior was added to his vice president title.

His name has come up in talks for other GM roles and with his 19 years of experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if he soon becomes one.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at another assistant GM that could be a good fit for the Phillies GM job.

3. Billy Owens

Billy Owens is also a California native but he graduated college from the University of Arizona and still lives in the area. While at his alma mater, Owens played football and baseball.

In 1992, Owens was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. He went on to play minor league baseball for a total of seven seasons. He spent 1992-1996 within the Baltimore Orioles organization and then 1997-1998 with Houston before becoming part of the Oakland A’s organization as a hitting coach in their minor league system, as well as an area scout.

As a hitting coach, he spent the 1999 season with their former class-A short-season affiliate, the Southern Oregon Timberjacks; the 2000-2001 seasons with their former class-A short-season affiliate, the Vancouver Canadians; and the 2002-2003 seasons with their rookie league affiliate, the Arizona League Athletics.

In 2003, he was promoted to the East Coast Scouting Coordinator.

Owens is now the director of player personnel, as well as assistant general manager. He is responsible for evaluating amateur scouting, as well as providing his recommendations and input in regards to potential free agent signings and potential trades, among others.

He seems like a great fit, especially with his extensive scouting experience, if the Phillies are looking to improve on scouting and building up a farm system for the future of the ballclub.

These are just three possibilities that I’ve found who could be good candidates for the Phillies GM job. Whoever fills Klentak’s shoes is stepping into a must-sign J.T. Realmuto situation and will need to put together a team that could potentially make it to the playoffs next year.

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