Phillies: Best artifacts at the Baseball Hall of Fame

A trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame was perfect for kicking off the Phillies season.

On Sunday I made my second trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame and had an opportunity to take in some incredible Phillies and general baseball history.

This is my second trip in two years, and a great thing about the Hall of Fame is that it’s always changing. This time around they had a large section on baseball cards and were refurbishing the “locker room” where they have one baseball locker with memorabilia for each team.

Another great thing about the Hall of Fame is that you can feel the history around you. You can step into Hank Aaron’s locker and see more than just the ordinary balls, bats, and gloves.

In a section honoring the 2019 Washington Nationals, they had a “baby shark” toy in the display.

In the baseball card section, there was a Phillies Pope Francis “rookie card” in honor of the Pope’s 2015 Benjamin Franklin Parkway speech.

There was also a ton of Phillies artifacts ranging from trophies given to Sam Thompson in 1895 to Brad Lidge’s hat from the 2008 World Series.

A section that’s also a little different but definitely cool is the “Unassisted Triple Play” display.

Of course, Phillies fans will remember Eric Bruntlett’s rare unassisted triple play to end a game against the Mets in 2009.

Bruntlett’s jersey from the game is hanging in the display and a replay of the play is running behind the glass.

While it’s not a Phillies artifact, this unique jersey next to an Albert Pujols bat and Derek Jeter jersey.

Mo’Ne Davis took baseball by storm when she pitched in the Little League World Series for the Taney Dragons in 2014. She threw pitches just as hard, if not harder, than most of the kids in the game and became a phenomenon.

A section of the Hall of Fame honors ballparks and mascots, so naturally, there’s a lifesized Phillie Phanatic and seats from Veteran’s Stadium right in the middle of it all.

Of course, the crown jewel of the Hall of Fame is the Plaque Gallery, a baseball cathedral where people of all ages stop and connect with heroes of the game.

Here’s a quick gallery of some of the famous Phillies in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a look at some of the other great items on display in Cooperstown, from Jim Bunning’s hat to Richie Ashburn and Jimmy Rollin’s cleats.

Hidden behind the gallery is the broadcaster and writer wing, featuring pictures of Philadelphia’s Harry Kalas and Jayson Stark. It’s an easy section to miss, so keep your eyes out when you’re in the gallery near the newest class.

The Hall also still had Roy Halladay’s gallery set up featuring both of his Cy Young awards, jerseys from his time in Toronto and Philadelphia, and a ball with his fingers traced from when Mariano Rivera showed him how to throw a cutter.


Baseball Hall of Fame

If you get a chance to go up to Cooperstown, it’s worth the stop. It’ll probably be a two-hour trip through the museum and I recommend even walking through twice to make sure you’ve seen everything there is.

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