Phillies Top 20 of All-Time (1-10)

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Harry the K, Phillies broadcasting legend Harry Kalas

10. HARRY KALAS, Broadcaster

The legendary ‘Harry the K’ was honored with enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame upon his receiving the Ford C. Frick Award in 2002.

Hired by the Phillies in 1971, he was the M.C. at the opening of Veteran’s Stadium. 38 years later, Kalas threw out the first ball for the 2009 game at which the ’08 champs received their World Series rings. 

From 1971-2009, Kalas served as a member of the Phillies radio and TV broadcast team, and along with his longtime broadcasting partner and friend, Richie Ashburn, he became an iconic voice that fans equated with the team itself. 

That ball’s outta here!” ~ Harry Kalas

Early in the 2009 season, Harry Kalas died, perhaps fittingly, in the broadcast booth, prior to a Phillies game in Washington. He has subsequently been honored with a statue at Citizens Bank Park in the left field concourse, in the shadow of Harry the K’s restaurant.

Harry Kalas’ rendition of the upbeat song “High Hopes” is played at the ballpark following each Phillies victory, and his trademark homerun call serves as the inspiration for the title of our site:

Swing, and a Long Drive….That Ball’s Outta Here!” 

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