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TBOH 2015 Phillies #5 Prospect – Tom Windle


Tom Windle was the Dodgers 2nd Round pick in the 2013 MLB Draft out of the University of Minnesota. He was one of the two arms the Phillies received in the trade of franchise icon Jimmy Rollins to Los Angeles this month. Windle is a 22-year old who has been viewed by many scouts as a future lefty reliever. He has a solid fastball-slider combination that is likely to allow him to at least reach that level of usefulness to the Phillies at the big league level, possibly as soon as 2016. The key for him all along has been to advance the quality and effectiveness of his changeup, and there are reports that he did indeed accomplish that in 2014 while pitching with the Dodgers High-A farm club. The Phillies are going to keep him in the rotation as long as possible, certainly for the full 2015 season. His coming first season in the organization should see him advance to AA-Reading, and he’ll need to continue to prove himself. This is definitely an arm that will contribute in Philly. Now it’s up to him to determine in what role.