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Morning Phil Up - 2/18/2014 - Tuesday Phillies Links

A few Phillies related links from around the web: – Joe Savery Claimed Off Waivers

When the Phillies signed A.J. Burnett, they dropped Joe Savery from their 40-man roster. The Phillies probably hoped that Savery would pass through waivers and they would be able to re-assign him to the minor leagues, but that did not happen. This ends the Phillies tenure of the team’s 2007 first round pick. Although he wasn’t a complete bust, having made the major league squad, he certainly didn’t live up to the lofty expectations that come with a first round pick.

Section 215Ruben Amaro: “I Can’t Look Our Fans in the Face and Say We are Going to Blow it Up.”

According to general manager Ruben Amaro, rebuilding is simply not an option for the Phillies, because it wouldn’t be fair to say to the fans. He doesn’t want to tell fans to be patient while the team struggle immensely for a few years. But is Amaro being foolish by taking this mindset? Would a complete rebuild be preferable to seeing the team muddle along with a bloated payroll?

The Good PhightAmaro vs. Optimism

Ruben Amaro has made some mistakes in his tenure.  The problem now is that he doesn’t seem to understand why he made those mistakes. The explanations given for the Howard and Papelbon deals cause worry that he hasn’t learned anything and that future mistakes are inevitable.

CSN Philly – New Pitching Coach McClure Will Keep it Simple

Bob McClure is the new Phillies pitching coach, and his approach this season can be summed up as: Keep it simple. He said that it takes a few years for the game to slow down for young pitchers, and he hopes that a simpler approach will help guys like Phillippe Aumont and Jake Diekman thrive. He also doesn’t want to go overboard with analytic data.  While it has its place, too much can overwhelm pitchers.

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