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A Correction

This afternoon, it was brought to my attention that my Joe Savery Player (P)Review incorrectly stated that Savery was shut down after his July DL stint. He, in fact, came back and pitched 7 innings in September. In addition, I alluded to him being injury-prone, despite it being his first DL stint. Both statements were clearly wrong, and I have made a correction in the article to reflect that.

The first error came from my reading of the ESPN transaction tracker, which mentioned an August 22 GCL rehab start for Savery, but never listed his activation onto the active roster.

The second statement was my own confident ignorance, mistaking his August 2012 optioning to Lehigh Valley (where he remained until the end of the season) as a DL stint.

Neither is acceptable; that kind of laziness is counter to my own standards and the standards of That Ball’s Outta Here, and so I apologize.

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