Aug 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow (5) warms up on the sidelines in the third quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Phillies Sign Tim Tebow?

Yesterday afternoon, there was a small Twittergasm due to rumors that former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had been spotted at Philadelphia International Airport.  The speculation was that he was in town to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.

As entertaining as those rumors were, they ultimately proved to be quite false.  They did get me thinking though.  Maybe a Philadelphia sports team SHOULD sign Tebow.  But the team that should sign him isn’t the Eagles, it’s the Phillies.

Now I know what you’re thinking: That’s a crazy idea!  Why would the Phillies possibly sign Tim Tebow?  How could a questionably talented unemployed NFL quarterback possibly help the Phillies?

There are a few reasons why it would make a lot of sense.  First, Tebow was not just a football star in high school.  He excelled in three sports, including baseball.  Reportedly, the Los Angeles Angels even had interest in drafting him.  Therefore, he must possess a decent amount of baseball skill.

Besides, does it really matter how much talent he has?  Part of the reason I admire Tebow is because he clearly isn’t talented enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, yet that hasn’t prevented him from succeeding.  If he can lead the Broncos to a playoff win with only a marginal ability to throw the football, who’s to say he can’t find similar success on the baseball diamond?

Tebow would also fill an area of need for the Phillies.  One of the biggest items on the team’s offseason wish list is a right-handed outfielder with power and speed.  Tebow’s biggest strengths on a football field were his foot speed and the power he displayed when encountering potential tacklers.  While Tebow’s arm might be lacking for a major league right fielder, I figure that if they can survive Ben Revere’s arm in the outfield, surely they’ll be able to make due with Tebow as well.

Tebow would also provide a huge impact off the field.  There are reports that the Phillies are close to signing a new television contract.  It’s been well publicized that Tebow equals TV ratings, so if the Phillies are trying to gain some last-minute leverage in their negotiations, wouldn’t it make sense to sign a guy who has been proven to be a ratings draw?

And think about the positive impact Tebow would have in the locker room.  With so many veterans in the clubhouse, manager Ryne Sandberg might have some trouble getting everyone to buy in.  But if he had Tebow on his side?  The rest of the team would be sure to fall in line.  Tebow’s inspirational leadership and hustle would undoubtedly inspire his teammates.  After chatting with Tebow, there’s no way Jimmy Rollins wouldn’t run out every ground ball.

Even Jimmy Rollins can't help but be inspired by Tim Tebow. Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Even Jimmy Rollins can’t help but be inspired by Tim Tebow. Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the end, I think this move just makes too much sense.  Ruben Amaro has been widely criticized for some of his free agent signings, but this one signing could easily erase all of the bad moves he’s made in the past.  If Amaro truly has plans of contention in 2014, then I think signing Tebow is his best – if not only – option.

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  • Dbom

    Oh, I see, you wanted clicks off of Tebow’s famous name.

    But you are a sports *writer* so you had to bash Tim in some way.

    Success on all three counts!!!

    (third one is being a DB)

    • Spencer Bingol

      Where did he bash him? His arm isn’t that strong, it’s a fact.

      Otherwise the article is just satire, he hasn’t accused Tebow of anything.

    • Dbom

      “He clearly isn’t talented enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL”

      Clearly. Because winning games is proof you suck (i guess).

      Heck, I’d love to see the jokes about Gabbert, Weeden, Henne, McCown, Keenum, Ponder because they HAVE PROVEN they are bad with their record AND interception/TD ratio.

      Tebow happens to have a winning record and a ratio 17 TDs vs 9 Ints.

      But *he* is the joke. And not talented enough. Whatever.

    • Dbom

      PS- good luck with your NFL talent of Foles and Barkley.

      Yay NFL! Great system you have there…

    • Spencer Bingol

      If he had more raw skills than the distraction he would provide , then maybe a team would hire him. Fact is, the average number of points he scored per game was unsustainably low to win with, regardless of the small sample size

    • Mike Lacy

      I’m actually a Tebow fan. The post was meant to be satire of the obsession surrounding him as illustrated by the way people got so worked up about yesterday’s rumors. I thought that was obvious since I was pushing for a BASEBALL team to sign him.

  • King_Solomon1


    • Mike Lacy

      Except in New York. He probably would have won in New England, but the team cut him before the season. I guess the coach up there just doesn’t know how to recognize hidden talent at the QB position.

  • Talisin

    Tebow is left handed… so their need for a right-handed outfielder killed this entire worthless article right then and there….

    • Mike Lacy

      You’re right. Obviously the fact that Tebow is lefthanded is the main thing that makes the premise of this article ridiculous.