Phillies Beckon Steve Susdorf Into Twisted Mayhem of Season

The Phillies continue to break through the wall of Aumont’s, Valdes’s, and Martinez’s who make the regular non-blockbuster triple A call-ups.

First, Cesar Hernandez popped up for a stint at second; Darin Ruf resurfaced to cover first; and now, IronPigs’ batting average leader Steve Susdorf is making his Major League debut, maybe, in case Domonic Brown’s got the brain problems.

I say “maybe” because he’s only now on his way and it doesn’t sound like the Phillies intend to give the 27-year-old outfielder playing time; they’ll just sit him on the bench, let him make small talk with Laynce Nix, and admire that .847 OPS and .419 OBP from afar.

Until, as stated, word comes down that Dom Brown’s head has filled with blood like a balloon and he’s drifted away into the atmosphere.  Then it’s new-look outfield time, again.

The 2013 Phillies: We definitely have enough players.

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