Jun 03, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Miami Marlins pitcher Carlos Zambrano (38) gives thanks after being relieved during the eighth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The Marlins defeated the Phillies 5-1. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Zambrano's Start Canceled by Baseball Gods

The skies have opened on the east coast.

Thankfully, the Phillies are out of town.  Visiting the bustling metropolis of Milwaukee, they are free from this early summer deluge, and will most likely play tonight, thus vindicating our existence for the day.

Others, however, are not so lucky.  The Phillies’ minor league teams are at home, and caught in the wretched downpour’s mists.  Reading has been especially put upon, which has led to this.

The Baseball Gods want to see Carlos Zambrano progress about as much as we do. Our own weary witnessing of his trudge toward the inevitable big league promotion is unpleasant enough. But at least we can now confirm that Baseba’al stands with us, and that we have his support in this pursuit.

Of course, should Zambrano prove useful (so far so good) and restrained (same) maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of Major League ready pitching depth in the rotation BUT NEVER MIND.

The point is, now we can determine that it is more than our own reluctance that stands in his way.  If you can consider us an obstacle.  Which we are not.

Damn, I’d totally go to that.

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