German Phillies Prospect Starts Long Road to Not Just Being Known as "the German Prospect"

Julsan Kamara is one of his country’s best baseball players.

But that country is not America.  It is Germany, where they also play baseball.  And for a long time, that will be all he is, especially because at the moment we know very little about him.  All the other Phillies blogs have done a great job accumulating some info.

  • He’s a center fielder
  • He’s attended the MLB European Academy in Tirrenia, Italy
  • He’s 6′ 4″, 192 lbs.
  • He’s participated in the 7th annual International Power Showcase at Marlins Park last year
  • He can travel between dimensions, per the picture.
  • They already stuck a Phillies hat on him
  • He’s on the German Junior National team
  • He’s right handed
  • The Phillies signed him to a seven-year deal minor league deal
  • He’s 17
  • He’s German

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