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Phillies Set Market for Kevin Frandsen-esque Players with New Kevin Frandsen Deal


‘Kevin Frandsen Deal’ reportedly going to Kevin Frandsen, insists sources

Kevin Frandsen!  Who is he, really?!

A passionate San Francisco 49ers fan, three decades old, and the San Jose State University all-time leader in hits.  His numbers with the team in 2012, blessed by the BABIP spirits, were hardy.  He’s been referred to as not “…the worst thing in the world.”  

And the Phillies decided that all of that, balled up and dressed and in a filthy uniform with nothing left to lose, was worth… what was it, Jerry Crasnick?

According to CBS Sports, “Financial terms and contract length were not available,” which is odd, because I don’t know what else would really make up a deal.

So the Phillies are paying a little bit–little bit in the context of the Phillies’ payroll, not, like, a town or something–for a third baseman who found himself behind the right broken body and performed admirably well, despite having to step carefully around a quivering, fractured Placido Polanco.

But he’s got grit, and scrap, and dirt on his uniform, and a 2012 OPS of .834 in 210 plate appearances, and zero patience for his bats when they fail him, and all those things that no one wants to spend money on, which is nice, because we aren’t really spending too much money on them.

Frandsen is an effective player, waiting to be inserted into some situation that takes advantage of his skills.  You’ll hear more comparisons to who he isn’t than who he is, because he’s just Kevin Frandsen, that guy who got to play third and hit second a few times in that bizarre 2012 season between the Phillies 2007-2011 playoff run and their 2013-2097 playoff run.

“All I want is a chance.  This is the first opportunity I’ve had to play everyday in the major leagues. It would be interesting to see what I can do up here. In the minors, I’m a career .310 hitter. I think I can make an impact and help this team win.”

Kevin Frandsen

Who doesn’t deserve a chance for $850,000?

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