Ruben Amaro Holds Press Conference to Share 2012 Memories

Charlie Manuel says team needs to “do some things.”

Ruben and Charlie Manuel just took the stage this afternoon to answer questions from the press, both good and borderline irrelevant (“Who will manage if you get thrown out of the game, Charlie?” isn’t really a priority just yet).

Here are some highlights.

    • Ruben calling Ryne Sandberg being the heir apparent as manager a “sexy” notion.
    • Ruben says no players are untouchable, but some are “less touchable than others.”
    • The team is “transitioning to younger players in certain areas.”  Darin Ruf, anyone?!  No, he was mostly talking about the bullpen.
    • Ruben took a moment to drift off and speak on the idea that during his tenure as GM, he may have hired people who would inevitably take he and/or Charlie’s jobs.  It was a touching moment of self-awareness.
    • “We need people who can hit…”  –Charlie Manuel
    • “Who knows what Darin Ruf’s gonna be?” Ruben asked.  He had similar sentiments on Dom Brown and John Mayberry.
    • Ruben said he was glad Jimmy Rollins was “quoting things” again as good things seem to happen when he makes brash statements.
    • Charlie is not ready to retire, but he is also not seeking a contract extension at the moment.  So the great 2013 Charlie Manuel Contract Extension Thing is underway.  Get ready to feel some feelings.
    • He also talked about Jimmy’s role, and Jimmy’s hitting, and now nobody really knows what’s going on except him and Jimmy, and really just shut up please.
    • The Phillies will have an assistant hitting coach instead of a bench coach in 2013.
    • Regardless of what we have decided in our own heads or what the media has assumed, Ryne Sandberg has not been offered a managerial position, a future managerial position, or a hypothetical managerial position, and he is actually free to interview for and/or accept one from another team, despite being the Phillies new third base coach.

    In closing,

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