Just Stop Leaving: Phillies Re-Rally, Re-Win 7-6

The Brewers have scored 12 runs off Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee in the past two nights.

They have no wins to show for it.

Cliff was roughed up by a homer barrage that lasted from the sixth to the eighth inning and featured bombs from basically everybody in the Milwaukee lineup (Ryan Braun, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Gomez, Zach Greinke).  He walked a tight rope in the first, presumably saved by Hunter Pence’s pinpoint precision assist that took down Norichika Aoki at the plate, only to give up an RBI single and allow a run.  From there on out, things looked positively okay.  Until, of course, all of those home runs the other team hit.

So, with a 6-1 deficit as they headed into the bottom of the eighth inning, pretty much only because Zach Greinke said they could, things didn’t look great for the Phillies.  Even a team with two late inning comebacks in the past two games couldn’t come through after getting shut down all evening.

Fortunately, the Brewers bullpen is slightly worse even than our own.  Speaking of which, Michael Schwimer had another solid outing, throwing an inning and allowing nothing but a strikeout.  Greinke was lifted after 87 pitches in the seventh, because I guess Ron Roenicke thought the game was over.

“Manny Parra has been loosening in the bullpen,” Tom McCarthy said.

It was the last time the Brewers would be winning all night.

Parra entered the game with Ty Wigginton on second–not exactly the most threatening of scenarios.  Pinch/Homers-only hitter Erik Kratz entered the game and ka-bashed his third hit/home run of the season, pulling the Phils within three.  Parra managed to get J-Roll to line out to left, and celebrated the only out he would record by walking Shane Victorino and Chase Utley.  As a sick joke, the runners pulled a double steal, at which point the pitching coach came out to tell Parra he’d better not fucking walk Ryan Howard, and Parra then walked the hell out of Ryan Howard.

The bases were loaded for Chooch, but sadly, Manny Parra left the game to seek out new baseball opportunities in the clubhouse.  New pitcher Kameron Loe didn’t help matters by giving up the bases clearing double that tied the game.

And finally, with speedster Chooch on second, Hunter Pence blooped the bloopiest blooper in the world just out of reach of Rickie Weeks’ glove, and the game was all but over, apparently.

Except for this part, but let's not talk about this part. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The fateful eighth saw the Phils drop six runs on the Brewers’ bullpen, four of which came with two outs.

When It All Went Right

Man you can’t pitch to a Chooch when it’s a clutch, bases loaded, late inning moment.  What even in the hell are you thinking.

Most Attractive Play

In the top of the fifth, Cliff kept trying to communicate with Ty Wigginton at third with his mind, but unfortunately Ty’s skull is so protectively dense it prevented Cliff’s brain vibes from getting through.  Finally, the two connected, and the result was this play.




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