May 12, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (43) throws during the second inning against eh Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Game Day Six Pack: "Kyle Kendrick? You're kidding, right?"

For a while there, the Mets were our most vile enemies.  Now, they are just one team in a long line potential losses that become even more potential with every devastating injury to a key player.  Will we win?  Who knows.  Every night we go out there and roll the dice.  Sometimes they come up Joe Blanton.  Sometimes they come up Ty Wigginton.  Sometimes they come up Charlie Manuel.

However, the Phillies have a shot at finishing May with a winning record, and you have to think the Mets are going to be sympathetic to that.  The Eddie Kranepool Society joins us today in the form of Steve, and the news couldn’t be worse coming out of Flushing: The Mets are confident, making them already ten steps ahead of most past Mets teams.

Omar Minaya is telling the Mets’ fanbase they can go ahead and get emotionally invested in this team and its winning record.  How easy is it to buy into what he’s saying?  Very easy or easier than that?  Is there a threshold during the season when we can stop asking if teams are “for real” or not?

Usually anything Omar Minaya would say anything it would make the Mets fan base cringe but in this case he may be on to something.

The thing about the 2012 Mets is they couldn’t give a rat’s rear end what you, I or anyone thinks of them. Players like Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy when asked about the negative feeling about this team in spring gave puzzling looks and would answer the question with the question “Why do people think we suck”? This group of Mets are not surprised how well they are playing, they are not arrogant like the mid 80’s Mets but they are a confident close bunch.

R.A. Dickey recently won N.L. Player of the Week for the week ending May 27.  In that time, he went 2-0 with a 0.63 ERA.  During that same time, Kyle Kendrick went 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA and hurled a complete game shut out, all while suffering the obvious handicap of being Kyle Kendrick.  What did Dickey’s week have that gave him the “edge?”

Kyle Kendrick? You’re kidding right? Does Kyle Kendrick have a best selling book ? Has Kyle Kendrick stared in a documentary about throwing a knuckleball? Has Kyle Kendrick climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro? Is Kyle Kendrick a NY Met? Please, you can not compare an inferior mortal to The Dickster.

Which one of the current Mets players would you throw at Manny Acosta?

I don’t get this question same way I never got Manny Acosta being on a big league roster and getting a paycheck backed by United States currency. In fact if Manny Acosta were a question he would  be this question.

One of the garish misnomers of the Mets Tradition is their absence of a franchise no-hitter.  Who, in the entirety of the New York Mets roster and farm system, is most likely to throw it?  And who is least likely?  And who is most likely to get to the 9th and give up six runs?

I guess its due to this being the 50th  Anniversary of the flagship franchise of the National League upholding a great baseball tradition that dates back to the late-1880’s with just a brief break in service form 1958-1961 that there has been a lot of curiosity about the Mets pitcher never pitching a no hitter.

I have no clue who will be the pitcher to break the Mets no-hit maiden but if it happens I hope it’s a sloppy 8 walk 3 error game so we can put to rest the overrated importance of pitching a no hitter.

You recently wrote a post called “When WIll We See Ruben Tejada Again?”  When will we see Ruben Tejada again?

I have a very bad feeling that Ruben Tejada is not really injured but is struggling with an injury but its more he feels torn between continuing his baseball playing career or pursing his passion of being a clothing designer and competing on the show Fashion Star, I mean what else could keep a 22 year old out of the line up with a sore leg?

Sandy Alderson has promised to reach out to David Wright “in 2012.”  How incredibly satisfying is this ambiguous time table?  What sort of existence lies in store for a Mets roster without its face?

David Wright will be a Met 4 Life.

Without Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, two big veteran presences in the clubhouse gone and not having to share a marquee with Jose Reyes, this is now Wright’s team and he sets the tone in the Mets clubhouse. First guy to show up for spring training? David Wright. First guy in the clubhouse on gameday? David Wright. Last guy to leave clubhouse after a game ? David Wright.

When Jose Reyes was not offered a deal to match what the Marlins gave him, I applauded Alderson for not giving in, but as it stands now, Alderson and the Wilpons have no choice but to sign Wright to a long time deal to keep him a Met 4 Life.

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