Vance Worley Injury Quickly Negates All Hopes, Dreams of Phillies

Just after watching Hunter Pence’s game-winning line drive poke over the left field fence, Phillies Nation was respectfully exuberant.  It was a walk off win.  Why not celebrate in the traditional regional customs of chasing down and flipping on duty ambulances and screaming at cars as they cross the Walt Whitman?  I believe such actions are required by the town charter.

But it wasn’t a frenzy of joy; it was our first three game win streak of the season.  Obviously, to counteract the minor success we’d achieved, the baseball gods would be forced to even the scales.  And with a guttural growl, they did so, poisoning our next starting pitcher with elbow inflammation, which, according to local sports talk radio, is “not good.”

And so it is Vance Worley who has fallen, sent to the 15 day DL, retroactive to May 12.  In his place, the highly unsuccessful Joe Savery was brought up from Lehigh Valley after spending about an hour with the Ironpigs, weaving tales of glory with the Big Club that everybody knew were utter fabrications.

With Vance, his pinpoint cutter, youthful swagger, and charming goggles/mohawk motif unavailable, we are forced to merely watch as once again Kyle Kendrick is given the ball and expected to do something with it other than watch it carom off the outfield wall as runners circle the bases.  He may find his zone against a feeble Cubs lineup, but should Vance’s predicament become more than a mere game day headline, a more permanent solution will be sought.

Buster Olney is on the case.

And while the internet will be festering in flawed personal strategy, for now, there is only one thing to remain concerned of:  Kyle Kendrick.  And his extremely stupid 7.32 ERA.

The Phillies take the field at Wrigley today to try and set a high water mark for wins in a row.  While the odds seem to be stacked against them–or stacking against them, as we have no way of knowing when the baseball gods are actually finished toying with us–just remember that hey, the Cubs are pretty bad, too.

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