May 6, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Padres relief pitcher Andrew Cashner (34) against the Miami Marlins at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Game Day Six-Pack: "Awffense"

You may remember “Game Day Six-Pack” from that one I did earlier this season.  Well, excuse me for forgetting to do it for six series in a row.  Now just shut up and enjoy this one, with Jeremy Nash of Friarhood, as I attempt to ask him humorous questions and he wins by out-humoring me.

This guy just caught a foul ball in his beer!  Ha ha ha!  Oh well, back to Padres baseball.  But how about that guy, right?  Right in the beer!

This guy was a real Padre fan and you can tell by deductive reasoning. First by his early 80’s style BP jersey. This shows he’s a classy fellow that knows the fall colors is the closest we have to October baseball. But he also knows all of the unwritten rules as well. It was displayed when he chugged his beer, as per rule of “baseball quarters.”

The Phillies seem to be on their way to becoming the limp punching bag of their division.  What sort of perspective can you offer on this development?  No offense.  And I mean “Please don’t be offended,” not, “The Phillies have no offense.”  But they don’t, sometimes.

Well the first thing you do is start inventing words. I use awffense. It’s short for “awful offense”. But in all actuality I still see the Phillies as a wild card contender. I think that if Philadelphia can’t right it’s hitting woes you have the front office that will do something about it via trade and not give up on the season.

The Padres are ranked 29 out of 30 teams for fewest errors.  Who is the most ardent contributor to this stat and what is the first step in correcting this process?

I’d like to point the finger at one person in paricular but it really has been a team effort. Chris Denorfia is the only player on the team with 50 plus innings played without an error, though he did his pateneted “dive and miss” on an uncatchable ball in Los Angeles. The team is very forunate that there are no plans for a promotional slide-whistle giveaway.

Last year, Mike Adams basically told Chase Headley and Ryan Ludwick to shut up about Petco’s dimensions and just get the hell on base.  How much to blame is Petco for the Padres’ struggles?  Do you see a team swinging for fences that are too deep, or are they attempting to get hits and work counts and just not succeeding?

Well Chase has been pretty good about towing the company line of “We just got to go out and hit the gaps. Lead the league in doubles. A lot of green out there, blah, blah, blah…..” But even Bud Black came out and said it’s getting in their heads. I see the blame as 50-50. A great example is Yonder Alonso. While he struggled early and seemed frustrated at times, he has been hitting to all fields lately, raising his average to almost .300 after floundering around .200 the first few weeks of the season. The fence in right-center will come in next season. Count on it.

Who is Steve Cohen?  I see he’s a billionaire, but do you want him to own the Padres?  Who… currently own the Padres?  Would a billion dollars fix them?

Cohen I am not familiar with. However there has been rumors of former Dodger owners The O’Malley family interested in the Padres. Another is a group by led by former first baseman Steve Garvey. The current owner is John Moores, but he has no interest in retaining the team. It is believed that anyone bringing money to the payroll will significantly help their woes.

Ever since that 1-game playoff they lost to the eventual World Champs in 2010, the Padres have been flatlining.  How soon can you expect a resurgence?  Months?  Years?  Decades?

Oh yes game 162. We essentially played three consecutive elimination games trying to force a fourth. That team was pretty special. They did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING right; for five months.  That team has since been gutted for prospects, which has earned the Padres the top farm system rating by ESPN and Baseball America. I see them competing for the division starting in 2013 and remaining so for many years.

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