Lou Montanez didn't hit very many home runs as a Cub. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Rich Dubee; Disappointed Father

Michael Dubee not only had to endure watching a game winning home run fly off the bat of Lou Montenez, but he had to put up with the maniacal laughter/disappointed stare of his father Rich.  We have all disappointed our fathers, but there are a very small percentage of us that get to fail in front of our fathers AND 8,000 strangers.  I have become something of expert of the art of disappointing one’s parents and this is the type of colossal failure that can galvanize the type of wonton self hatred that can drive a minor league pitcher to stop playing baseball.

Cole Hamels threw his second spring training start of the season and looked good.  Apparently Cole wishes to be paid and if his early spring performances are any indication, he would like to take care of his great, great grandkids.

This game brought another absolute in baseball to light; Dave Bush is terrible.  At least his dad wasn’t there watching him, waiting for failure.  Dad if you are reading this, I might need a hug.  5-4 Phillies in a walk-off win.

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