Section 215 Needs Your Loud Philadelphian Words

Did you know that there are other things happening in Philadelphia other than Phillies baseball?  It seems surprising, and a little unnecessary, but there are in fact many other facets of life in our fair city.  Did you hear about this Occupy Philly movement?  That happened here.

But, in the world of sports, no place is more boiling with activity than Philly.  The Phillies are running at another championship.  The Flyers need to get back on track.  The Eagles hilariously imploded.  The Sixers are putting together one hell of an underdog-rag tag-bunch-of-nobodies story.  It never ends.  And instead of getting your Philly sports news from a screaming homeless gentlemen, why not check out Section 215?  It’s the FanSided Philly Sport Conglomerate, but not shady and evil like the word “conglomerate” insinuates.

They’re currently looking for staffers, too, so if you’ve got a voice and you’re sick of nobody hearing but your cat, then send Frank Higgins an email at [email protected]  He’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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