Pre-Season Look at Phils' Top 10 Prospects


Getting a consensus on the top 10 Phillies prospects for 2012 from all the various prospect-watchers out there is like trying to get four children to agree on a cereal they all like.

It is a complete and total impossibility.

The Phillies’ farm system is unique right now in that there is no bona fide, sure-fire superstar waiting in the wings, a la Domonic Brown in years past.  While Brown will be the best Phillies player to begin 2012 in the minor leagues this spring (barring a massively productive spring training), he is ineligible as a prospect on any of these lists because of his previous MLB service time.

What the Phillies do have is a lot of high-ceiling depth in the low minors and AA.  Guys with specific skills and star potential, but who are still very rough around the edges.  And when you’re talking about raw, unproven talent that has yet to be harnessed in any real way, it’s difficult to see if these tremendous tools can be molded into something that will become a productive major league ballplayer.

However, in order to get a sense of who we should be keeping an eye on this year, I decided to find multiple baseball outlets’ selections of the Phils’ top 10 prospects that I could find, and list them all right here for comparison.  Some are more reputable than others, and in the future, we’ll likely be leaning on prospect lists from folks like Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus (which has not released the Phils’ top 10 as of yet), and Keith Law’s Scouts Inc.

( didn’t release a top 10 list of each team’s prospects, but did release a Top 100 overall, where three current Phillies farmhands were mentioned…)

Until then, however, let’s take a glance at the many different top 10 Phillies prospects lists for 2012 (the names in bold appear on all four lists below)…

Baseball America:

1. Trevor May, RHP, 22

2. Jesse Biddle, LHP, 20

3. Sebastian Valle, C, 21

4. Jonathan Pettibone, RHP, 21

5. Phillippe Aumont, RHP, 23

6. Freddy Galvis, SS, 22

7. Justin De Fratus, RHP, 24

8. Brody Colvin, RHP, 21

9. Jiwan James, CF, 22

10. Maikel Franco, 3B, 19


1. Trevor May, RHP

2. Jesse Biddle, LHP

3. Sebastian Valle, C

4. Brody Colvin, RHP

5. Freddy Galvis, SS

6. Phillippe Aumont, RHP

7. Jonathan Pettibone, RHP

8. Justin De Fratus, RHP

9. Maikel Franco, 3B

10. Julio Rodriguez, RHP

1. Trevor May

2. Jesse Biddle

3. Sebastian Valle

4. Brody Colvin

5. Larry Greene, OF

6. Justin De Fratus

7. Phillippe Aumont

8. Julio Rodriguez, RHP

9. Michael Schwimmer, RHP

10. Maikel Franco

1. Trevor May

2. Jesse Biddle

3. Phillippe Aumont

4. Maikel Franco

5. Justin De Fratus

6. Sebastian Valle

7. Larry Greene

8. Freddy Galvis

9. Austin Wright, LHP

10. Jonathan Pettibone

In these four lists, only five players were mentioned in all four.  May was named the top prospect in each of them, with Biddle #2 in each of them as well.  Clearly, these are the two crown jewels in the Phils’ system heading into 2012.  Valle was third in three of the lists, and sixth in the other.  Aumont, who just last year was seen as a bust in the Cliff Lee deal, ranged anywhere from 3rd to 7th in the four lists.  And the last player named on all four lists is De Fratus, a reliever who, along with Aumont, could see Major League action this year.

Next Tuesday, we’ll take a quick look at some of the prospects who fell just outside the consensus Top 10, and also visit with the many Phils prospects who currently are using the Twitter properly.

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