Chooch and Bull to Hang out in Downtown Philly Forever

The Phillies Mural will be undoubtedly be the most treasured and historical monument in Philadelphia history for millenia to come.  Future historians will stare up at the ruins of 24th and Walnut, after the city has gone through centuries of subway rat population explosions, acid rain, and probably a war of some kind, and wonder who these gallant, heroic men were?  Why were they friends with a self-aware green creature from the jungle?  And where is Cliff Lee?

As of right now, though, they aren’t even sure who is going to be on it.  Sure, they’ve got the old reliables down–your Schmidts and Carltons and Halladays and Ashburns and Cleveland Alexanders and  such.  But there were two spots to fill, and it was going to take some precise analysis to figure out who in the Phillies rich history deserved them.

Naturally, the team turned to the fans.

We all flocked to the website and clicked our mice, knowing damn well that if we were going to get what we personally wanted, it would take an insane number of tries.  At the end of this process, we are left with Chooch and Greg Luzinski taking up the last of the mural.  Johnny Callison, Jim Thome, Del Ennis, and John Kruk were all runners-up, but will probably take solace in the fact that they are all legends of baseball with brilliant careers that just didn’t get to be in a painting.

As a guy who doesn’t get much credit outside of Philadelphia, Chooch is more than an apt pick.  Seeing as how the mural in question will be placed in Philadelphia, this probably won’t get him very much more credit.  But now we get to hear “OOOOOOOOOO” calls randomly on a street corner in Center City, which I think everyone can agree is nice.

Luzinski is also a solid pick, as he spends enough time not just in Philly, but in The Bank itself, to qualify it as his home residence.  Truth be told, there wasn’t a bad choice among them group.  These are merely the ones that were made.

So, enjoy, future historians.  In a distant world when the outlook will probably somehow be even bleaker and increasingly self-aware rats could surround you and chew on your head at any moment, I hope the remains of the legendary Phillies mural gives you peace in your final moments on earth.

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