Merry Christmas from that Phillies Blog You Read Occasionally!

You probably thought, after all the pollution and beatings and Eagles football, that Philadelphia exists outside of the natural universe.  But here, like in other cities with an MLB team, we celebrate Christmas just like you, maybe.  Yes, Christmas; that holiday that’s so popular, you get in trouble for celebrating it publicly.

And though the Phillies didn’t go all the way this year, there’s no reason they can’t do it in 2012.  And therefore, you have every reason to keep coming back here, to That Ball’s Outta Here, to get an overly emotionally/precisely analytic/possibly psychotic viewpoint on your favorite baseball team.  We enjoy coming through for you, and if these numbers I’m reading are correct, you enjoy it too.

Here’s to a splendid holiday and a shocking new year in Philadelphia.






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