Roy Halladay Sends Charlie Manuel Text Message of a Champion

It must be such an honor to be texted by Roy Halladay.  It’s the kind of thing that you’d leave your wife in the delivery room to go read.  Hell, it’s probably a good idea to do so even if you get a message from an unknown number, just to be sure it wasn’t Roy Halladay.  I mean, what if he needs something?

But Charlie Manuel doesn’t have to worry about that, because he and Roy are buds.  That’s why he was the recipient of Roy’s latest epic thing.

“…he texted me a message and said that he was ready to go back and try it again.”

–Charlie Manuel on Doc’s text message

Granted, this was before a lot of the more blockbuster trade moves strengthened other teams, so Roy may have already sent a follow-up “Never mind” text.  Or possibly he sent it to Charlie by mistake, and intended for it to go to his son after they had spent some time apart following a failed attempt to build a LEGO castle.

So it seems that the magical time of year has arrived, when Doc shows up at the locked doors of the Carpenter Complex, calmly demanding to be let inside.  Unless I completely misunderstand what “try it again” entails.

The point is, blah blah aging core blah blah complacency blah blah blah.  You see something like this and it feels nice to know there are players who are so jazzed about Phillies baseball that they will boil over and text the manager, knowing that he doesn’t want/may not know how to reply.

And perhaps if we stay out of the limelight, which would take an awful lot of pride-swallowing on Ruben Amaro’s part, we can sneak all of our aging core into a sleeper position without the distraction of relentless media days.  If there’s one guy who can dictate the flow of a team with a text message, whether through inspiration or fear, or fear-based inspiration, it’s Doc.

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