Rowand and VHS Tapes Have Outlived Their Usefulness

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“I guess if that guy never ran into that fence we wouldn’t have installed that padding on it….”  Just then his blackberry rang, he caught it as it vibrated and almost fell off the table.

“Hello.  Yeah I got the tape…….yeah I remem….okay…..Aarron….AARRON!”  Amaro ponders throwing the blackberry away as Rowand yammers on about playing in Philadelphia.  The general manager hangs up on him…..again.  “You call one former closer and sign Jim Thome…”  The trash can starts vibrating.

In a Las Vegas living room, a dream is coming to its end.  After a lifetime of  being better at baseball than a lot of other people, Aaron Rowand can’t get a team for which he achieved cult status to take his calls.  “I ran into that fence to save a shutout for Gavin Floyd.  Gavin Floyd…”   A former all star, gold glove award winner and a two time world series champion.  The problem with accolades is when they occur in the past.  Aaron Rowand has come to the haunting realization that for the first time in ten years, he will not be offered a major league contract.

Amaro fumbles around in the trashcan, searching for an end to the calls.  “The last thing I want is fucking Adam Eaton or Bobby Abreu calling.”  Amaro mumbled as he foraged through the garbage like a hobo.  “Aaron, if you want you can play for the Iron Pigs….I hear that Bethlehem is making a recovery.”

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