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Flyers Going to Go Ahead and Take That Stadium if Phillies Aren't Using it

The Flyers, hardly content to keep their big fancy Winter Classic all to themselves, will be skating into the Phils’ locker room at Citizens Bank Park to unveil some clothing.

I’ve been told (repeatedly) that just because the Flyers are a hockey team doesn’t mean they skate everywhere, but quite frankly, I don’t see how that’s possible.  Besides, with the All-Star game right around or at least somewhere near the corner, the Flyers’ focus should be elsewhere.

For those of you without insider or internet access, the Winter Classic is an outdoor hockey game that no one can afford to go to.

The Flyers are playing against the Rangers, but they are holding it CBP, because that’s where winners play.  Obviously, they will make the most of their time within the Phillies’ hallowed locker room, where countless players have been showered in the sweet spew of victorious pressurized alcohol.  The Flyers will show their very special Winter Classic jerseys on Monday, and they will be available online for $900 in the NHL gift shop, or the price of a single Winter Classic ticket.

The real issue has become where, during the temporary move, will The Flyer be roosting?  I understand he requires a small area in which to nest, plot crime fighting strategies, and regurgitate chewed food into the mouths of his brood.

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