And Vance is pretty straight forward about his emotions.

Vance Worley Loses Rookie of the Year to Two Members of Terrible Collapse

File this one under “WTF is this shit?!

Vance Worley, who you’ll remember from being great all the time, did not win the National League Rookie of the Year Award, just like nobody said he would.  Instead, he finished behind Braves closer Craig Kimbrel and first baseman Freddie Freeman in the voting, who you’ll remember from not making the playoffs in 2011.  So fervently did the writers believe Kimbrel was the best choice that nobody else got a first place vote.  Vance had eight second place votes and 16 third place votes.  That somehow added up to 40 points.  Somewhere in there is some math.

Kimbrel and Freeman are the third tandem of rookies on the same team to finish 1-2 in the ROY voting in league history; a feat that originally performed by the Phillies in 1967.

The decision and the days leading up to it seem to have stunned Vance into silence, as he has not tweeted since November 13.


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