I am Still Extremely Bitter

Like some sort of petulant child denied their lollypop, I have been stamping my feet and pouting since the Cardinals unceremoniously ended the Phillies season.  I am extracting whatever joy I can out of Tony LaRussa’s mismanagement of his bullpen as the Rangers capitalized on his mistake and took a 3-2 series lead.  My thoughts immediately question why his blunder occurred in the world series and not in the league championship series.  Go to hell Tony LaRussa.  Like the headline says, I am still a touch bitter.

Bitterness aside, there has been stuff happening.  Stuff about baseball.  Stuff about Phillies baseball.  Like this, this and even this.  It is a really good thing that Justin is actually paying attention asI have been ignoring baseball bitterly weeping.

Welcome back me.  People who actually read this site will see more of me from now on.  Here is one more sad song.

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