Phillies Announce That You Can Start Planning Your Life Around 2012 Now


Like you, I am unable to focus on anything but the failures of the previous season until the promise of the next one arrives.  Well, it has, and I will be henceforth releasing my hostages from this Starbucks.

Look at all these tickets I can’t afford!  That’s not a criticism of ticket prices, that’s just my own personal financial issues.  I wonder how much money I can wrench out of the cash register before the gas canisters explode.

We start off with the Yankees on March 3, at Bright House Field.  So I hope you’re prepared to begin your spring with the cold, disinterested pinstripes of the Yankees poisoning the sun drenched elation of central Florida in springtime.

Wait, wait!  That’s not until after the yearly match-up with the Florida State Seminoles, the pummeling of whom in front of their parents has become somewhat of a tradition to begin the year.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future, and then hating it because Shane Victorino likes to watch baseball.

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